95 Years of Service: The Rotary Club of Leesburg VA

For nearly a century, the Rotary Club of Leesburg has been devoted to the motto of “Serving Above Yourself”. Established in 1927, the club has grown to 65 members, all of whom are dedicated to giving back to their community. The club's secretary, Omar Saleh, is a member of the Rotary Club of Akron, Ohio, and Henry Firestone was a member of the same club. Additionally, the Rotary clubs of Panama Norte and Westchester (Los Angeles) organized a global grant to bridge the digital divide in Panama.

On Saturday, December 17th, the Rotary Club of Leesburg will take part in Wreaths Across America. Ron Rust and his wife Judy Kozacik took the club on a virtual tour of Antarctica during their June 19th meeting. The annual Sticky Wickets croquet tournament was organized by the Rotary Club of Leesburg and at a grass party last spring, a private dinner was one of the most sought-after items auctioned. Dean Worcester swore in Chuck Reavis as the new president of the Rotary Club of Leesburg during the changing of the guard. Marshall's family and other friends celebrated his life at Purcellville Baptist Church on Sunday, where Phil Rusciolelli led VFW members to greet and honor their fellow veteran.

Seventeen members of Marshall's family from the Rotary Club of Leesburg were present. The Rotary Club of Leesburg includes a variety of leaders known for their business and humanitarian accomplishments in the local community and around the world. Kent Knowles introduced members to falconry and two wonderful feathered friends. Tom was an active Rotarian for almost 50 years, was a Paul Harris Fellow, served as president for a term and, at his death, was the oldest member of the Rotary Club of Leesburg. Members warmly welcomed Michelle, a former member of the club, and Rich, a former Rotarian, to the Sterling Club. The captivating story of John Thon Majok was a program that will be remembered for a long time.

The club also applauded academic achievements and commitment to serving their communities. Once again, the esteemed Rotary Club of Leesburg prepared 180 meals in Deli South in almost record time. Cooks, pickers and cleaners all worked together to make it happen.

Willard Meidlinger
Willard Meidlinger

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