Uncovering the Rotary Club of Leesburg VA's Special Events and Activities

The Rotary Club of Leesburg, Virginia is a vibrant organization that is devoted to making a difference in the local community and beyond. From providing meals to families during the holiday season to organizing global grants to bridge the digital divide, the club is committed to making a positive impact. But what special events and activities does the Rotary Club of Leesburg offer its members and their families? The Boulder Crest Retreat is an ongoing project of the club throughout the year, in which volunteer Rotarians prepare meals on-site for residents and their families. During the holiday season, Boulder Crest provides meals to families staying at the retreat during Christmas and New Year's weekends.

This is the first year that the Rotary Club of Leesburg has supported this annual event. The Rotary Club of Leesburg includes a variety of leaders known for their business and humanitarian achievements in the local community and around the world. District Foundation President Chuck Davidson, Sandy Duckworth and her husband Don joined the club for an evening of education and celebration about the many activities The Rotary Foundation has done around the world, from fighting polio to providing drinking water and supporting numerous District initiatives. The club also organizes events such as Richard (Rich) Jollon's ranking talk, which allowed members of the Rotary Club of Leesburg to get an idea of their lives and careers.

The fascinating story of John Thon Majok was a program of the Rotary Club of Leesburg that will be remembered for a long time. Rotary member Valerie Beaudoin spearheaded the club's initiative by organizing donations from its members for LAWS (Loudoun's shelter for battered women). We applaud their academic achievements and their commitment to serving their communities, said Valérie Beaudoin, president of the Leesburg Rotary Club Scholarship Committee. During the months of August through September 26, local Rotary clubs collected toys and games for the Child Life Program at Inova Loudoun Hospital.

Eight members of the Rotary Club of Leesburg visited second-grade students at Leesburg Elementary School on Friday, November 8.Ron Rust, with the support of his wife Judy Kozacik, took the Rotary Club of Leesburg on a virtual tour of Antarctica during the club meeting on June 19. Speaker Amy Owen, executive director of the Piedmont Community Foundation and former president of the Rotary Club of Charles Town (West Virginia), gave a very welcome presentation on the value of community foundations (there are more than 700 across the country) and how they act as catalysts, drivers and administrators of charitable giving to meet the changing needs of a community. The club also organizes events such as regattas, led by Chuck and Carole Maloney who co-chair this race every year. Following Rotary traditions, John Tattersall, of the Rotary Club of Sterling, and Deputy District Governor led the pledge of allegiance to the flag of United States while Charlie Bowden, from Leesburg Rotary Club delivered invocation and Lynde Scheffer from Ashburn Rotary Club led four-way recitation. The club has a long history of finding outstanding students to support and train, and it was clear that the young Rotarians who participated in this evening were no exception. The Rotary Club of Leesburg offers its members and their families an array of special events and activities that are designed to make a positive impact in their local community as well as around the world.

From providing meals during holiday seasons to organizing global grants to bridge digital divides, this organization is committed to making a difference in people's lives. Whether it's collecting toys for children or leading pledges to honor our nation's flag, this club is dedicated to making an impact in its local community.

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